Recall hypocrisy, not democracy

To the editor,

The majority of La Plata County voters did not vote for our current president. And we hear constantly from his supporters that we should deal with it and get over it. Yet it is these same people who now mount a recall against Commissioner Gwen Lachelt, duly elected in 2016 in a fair, open election. Duly elected! And these people of the recall won’t do what they tell everyone else to do: accept results, deal with it and get over it.

Gwen has done what she told this community she would do. She did not misrepresent any of her positions or beliefs. People said, this is who we want as commissioner – someone who has worked for years to hold the oil and gas industry accountable. We want someone who will oppose a polluting industry, and now that industry wants her gone. We want someone who will fight for clean air and public health; who will not cave to pressures to shut up and sit down like a good woman should; who will be our voice in Denver and D.C.

Gwen Lachelt is under assault and by any measure, La Plata County is under assault (see Jonathan Romeo’s 01/30/18 article on Americans for Prosperity). It is up to the people who supported Gwen in 2016 to support her now. She has been there for you and now you need to be there for her. This recall is totally wrong and must be opposed.

– Liza Tregillus, Durango