Reduce and refuse to use plastic

To the editor,

It’s fairly clear we will always have plastic in today’s world. But maybe we should be asking ourselves how badly we need that single-use bag or container. The visible trash and invisible micro plastics are a detriment the health of all the planet’s inhabitants. This isn’t a partisan issue – it’s a multicultural and worldwide problem that isn’t going away easily.

We might want to consider REFUSING plastic. Consider that North City Market uses 15,000 bags per day!! Just one store! Just one day! Next time you shop, can you take reusable bags? There are even free ones available at North City Market made from old T-shirts. (We would love to expand this program. If you can help contact

In addition to refusing single-use bags, we need to refuse products packaged in plastic. Ultimately corporations must take responsibility for reduced and smart packaging. However, we can influence this through our purchasing power and grassroots demands.

This isn’t going to be easy but we can do it – for your future generations of inhabitants.

– For the planet, Sarah Musil Burris, Durango