Reduce, reuse, refill, repeat

To the editor,

After my shock following viewing the documentary “Albatross” (Chris Jordan), I was excessively recharged about global effects of ubiquitous plastic. The film (watch with a google click) features the fatal effect of plastics on an albatross colony. Be prepared to force yourself to watch to the end. You probably agree there is a current ramp up for us humans surrounding single-use plastic, as there should be. The question continues, “What can we do about it?”

One of the emerging possibilities locally is a trip to the new business WeFill on North Main. This is not an advertisement – it is a statement of paradigm shift. The system: I supply the clean container, WeFill supplies the contents – all the way from dish detergent to body lotion to foot soak salts and much more. I also found bamboo toothbrushes, dental floss in little glass bottles, mesh produce bags and beyond. It’s a feel-good field trip every time I go. Heads up, however – at packing-up time, there is not a single-use plastic bag to be found anywhere ... so, well ... we all know what to do about that.

– Kathleen Adams, Durango