Salka will move us forward

To the editor,

Matt Salka is running for La Plata County commissioner! For four years, Matt was mayor of Bayfield, providing the community with a new, up-to-date water purification plant plus new water pipes. These much-needed upgrades were provided at no cost to Bayfield citizens, plus the city budget was always balanced. Matt also worked to bring a small company to town to create a local recycling site. No longer did Bayfield citizens have to haul their recyclables to Durango. This was also a local jobs creator.

Believing in public service and having a strong IT background, Matt plans to work with LPEA to bring broadband technology throughout the county – especially our schools. Matt is also planning a project to install electric-vehicle charging stations all over the county at no cost to taxpayers by applying for a grant from LPEA.

La Plata County needs Matt to represent us as county commissioner. He has already proven how much he cares for our community. He has all the qualifications and public service experience for this elected office, so please support Matt Salka for La Plata County commissioner when you vote.

– Susan Troen, Durango