Save Ohana Kuleana

For the past nine years, a small plot of land in the Animas City neighborhood near East 30th Street and East 6th Avenue has had a significant impact on Durango: the Ohana Kuleana Community Garden. 

Hundreds of residents from the city and county have tended small plots, growing vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers along with donating thousands of pounds to local not-for-profit organizations. Many of these “farmers” either can’t have a garden at home because of limited space or just want the company of others who garden and share experiences. 

Through community donations and many volunteer hours, the garden has developed an efficient irrigation system, and added wildlife fencing, an amphitheater, gravel parking lot, compost storage area, garden tools of all sorts and a shelter area for storage. Berms host fruit trees and an insectary. There’s a large herb garden that all get to enjoy. 

Seminars at the garden cover permaculture farming, composting, the efficient use of water and other resources, and how to attract bees, to name a few. Thousands of Riverview Elementary students, many who have never gardened before, get their hands dirty planting, tending and harvesting pumpkins, potatoes, carrots, squash, corn, peppers and tomatoes.  

Please visit the garden when gardeners are there to learn more about how you can become involved in this valuable community resource. 

– Carol Diver, Durango