Seeing red over parking tickets

To the editor,

I live in the avenues in downtown and recently received a ticket for parking too close to a stop sign. The curb that I was parked on is not painted red, while curbs a block away in in any direction are painted red in front of stop signs to keep vehicles from visually impeding the signs.

One can challenge a parking ticket to the court in writing, and I did so, explaining that the curb wasn’t painted. I, of course, would not have parked in a red zone as a law-abiding citizen adhering to good, clean living standards.

The City denied my request to drop the ticket, citing a law that states that the City of Durango is under no legal obligation to paint curbs where it is illegal to park. I dutifully paid my $25 fine.

If the City painted no curbs at all, this law would kind of make sense, but to paint most but not all is tantamount to entrapment. The tickets for this infraction in my neighborhood seem to come in waves, as if the City knows that it will be an easy way to make a buck.

After receiving my ticket, I have regularly seen large U-Hauls and RVs completely blocking signs where curbs are not painted, and not once in the last three months have I seen anyone actually blocking a stop sign with a painted curb. If a family of four gets plowed over because the driver can’t see a stop sign, whose fault is it really?

The employees of the City writing these tickets are simply upholding the law and doing their jobs. It is time that the lawmakers of Durango do the same.

– Jeffrey B. Henderson, Durango