Shedding light on electricity facts

To the editor,

Lorraine Trenholm appears to be stuck in the past. In her letter to the editor, she asserts that Kit Carson Electric Co-op is “in default and forcing rate increases on its members” due to buying out its contract with Tri-State Generation and Transmission. Actually, KCEC’s “technical default” began in 2014, well before they left Tri-State. This was primarily due to the closure of its largest customer, the Questa molybdenum mine. Based on their 2014 financials, KCEC requested a rate increase from the NM Public Regulatory Commission, which was granted in 2016. This is documented in articles by the Santa Fe New Mexican and the Taos News, published in 2016 and available online.

She also points out that if La Plata Electric Association leaves Tri-State, we will have to pay for usage of their transmission lines. But we already do! As she says, it’s included in our rates; it’s not free. If we pay less for power and the transmission charge remains the same, our overall bills will be lower. The directors who are exploring the possibility of leaving Tri-State are looking to lower rates over the long term and will not lock us into a contract with worse terms than what we’re paying now.

We need directors for LPEA who look to the future, not ones who are stuck in the past. Vote for Jack Turner in District 4, or for Jeff Mannix in District 2.

– Laurie Roberts, Bayfield