Shop local for city manager

steve ilg, nativea durangatang - 07/30/2020

To the editor,

A light of wisdom, community and common sense illuminates our recent spiritual darkness! In cosmic sync with Comet Neowise, our Interim City Manager Amber Blake announced her bid to run for the very position that she has so bravely, capably and wisely commanded leading into and over the course of the pandemic! Please, beloved citizens of my native h(om)etown beneath the sacred peak of Dibé Nittsáá, let our City Council KNOW better than to hand off managing Durango to – listen to it – either of two out of state male contenders!  

Admittedly, I have direct experience that proves beyond a Buddha’s doubt as to the personal and professional work integrity and old-Durango family and community solidness that emanates from Amber Blake. I am Amber’s fitness coach and yoga teacher as well as her bodyworker. Know this much: when you’re sleeping? Amber is often out in Test Tracks, hammering out my running workouts – long runs, intervals, hill repeats – via headlamp so as to faithfully finish her workouts before her endless days of thankless yet pivotal meetings. When you’re relaxing? Amber is digging deep into research for her next meeting, presentation or city management plan. Amber is the most amazing wife and mother to her family (love her kids!) and without doubt a most remarkable bright light that is so under the radar of everyone, yet she serves and manages our still (semi) heavenly hamlet beneath the sacred peak.  

Don’t y’all dare turn it over to out-of-staters!  Shop local (especially for city managers).

(PS: Time for “The Chief” to retire. ilg’s partner is full-blood Navajo, trust me. Yeah, I used to eat at The Chief Caboose as a kid when The Chief could still wave. I thought it was cool, but, oh well. And while we are retiring archaic relics that now cause only polarization, let’s retire that forest fire spark plug of a train and build a rails-to-trails world class scenic bikeway that entire new generations actually care about! As a two-time cover athlete of Outside magazine, I can pr(om)ise: once Outside and myriad other media feature the Durango/Silverton BikeWay complete with sleepover spots for families at Hermosa/Rockwood/Tacoma/Tall Timber/Cascade/Needleton/Elk Park/Silverton?  OMG, it’s all over. There are waaay more outdoor-oriented families interested in eco-tourism that would chronically flock to Durango/Silverton with a quiet, beautiful BikeWay. Can you imagine the Strava wars to set the records?!?! And, we could Nordic ski it in winter!!!)