Sign on dotted line with silver tool

To the editor,

Scott Pruitt ,the EPA chief, just raped the American public and the citizens of Colorado for 10 ink pens at a cost of $1,560. That’s right folks, the GOP voted for Donald Trump, who appointed this idiot to run the EPA.

Yeah, he also spent $130 of your GOP taxpayers’ money on each of these ink pens ... and the Donald thinks it’s OK. If you think this is OK, call Scott Tipton, your GOP rep, at 259-1490 and go look at the big, great, super, superior and great silver pens he bought with your money. And then call Cory Gardner at 259-1231 and have a look.

This is so bad it’s bad ... your tax money at work.

To the kids in Durango, look what a silver $130 pen can do for you. Anyone on the Dem or GOP who agrees with this is, I would say, dilly dilly dumb. So call today and go see the pen that will be given to the lobbyist who rents a $50/a day townhouse in D.C. for Scott (the spender) in chief of your tax moneys.

Please call, you may get a $130 pen from Pruitt, Tipton or Gardner. Heck, you might even get a free note pad.

– Bob Battani, Durango