Sign the petition to free Rosa

To the editor,

We’ve all been wondering how and when Rosa Sabido will get to leave sanctuary. She’s been in the Mancos United Methodist Church for over 21⁄2 years. It’s a really long time to be confined just because she is not “documented” as a citizen of the United States. One might ask what makes someone a citizen?

The only way for Rosa to get out of sanctuary is for a private bill for lawful permanent residency to be passed by the two houses of Congress and signed by the President. We have been advised that now is the time to attempt to introduce a private bill in order to move the process along the timeline that we need. In order to do this, we need to find sponsors for this bipartisan private bill.

One of Rosa’s many supporters, Annie Seder, states: “The debate around immigration in the U.S. is fierce and public right now. But what is there to debate about a woman, unable to leave a church for 21⁄2 years without risking being forcibly sent to a different country, away from her family and community of over 30 years? A system where you can try every legal path and still end up without an option isn’t a system that works.”

Pastor Craig from the Mancos Methodist Church comments on why this private bill is important: “As a faith community, we believe it’s important to follow the great commandment to love our neighbors. Rosa is our neighbor and a positive contributing member of our community. Signing this petition is a good way for all of us to stand in solidarity with Rosa and our brothers and sisters who are immigrants”

The 1,000 Days in Sanctuary Campaign will target Colorado’s District 3 representative, Scott Tipton, for the second time. We are engaging with Rep. Tipton because he is up for re-election in 2020, and we hope to bring Rosa’s  case and immigration reform into the state and national conversation as we approach November. We are grateful to be receiving immense strategic support from Michelle Ferrigno Warren, who is a longtime supporter of immigrant rights and is running to represent Colorado in the U.S. Senate against Cory Gardner.

Our goal is to gather 1,500-plus District 3 constituent signatures to publicly present to Rep. Tipton in early 2020. This means that we need registered voters from this district to sign the petition and support Rosa and this private bill as far north as Craig and as far east as Pueblo.

For more information on the campaign, go to rosabe

– Joanie P. Trussel, Manco