Skate Park needs trash, recycling cans

Stacy Falk - 06/11/2020

To the editor,

As an avid skate park user, I skate at numerous parks around the state ranging from ski towns to inner cities. During a recent trip to Durango, I was disgusted by the trash blanketing the north end of the skate park. I couldn’t sit on the rock bench to gear up due to the piles of candy wrappers, cans, food containers with actual food spilled out, old water jugs, dirty clothes and just plain nasty shit. 

My first instinct is to blame the kids, my second instinct is to blame the parents. Why do all the other parks I skate not look like this? It’s simple. Strategically placed trash cans. In the Durango park there is a large dumpster at the south end of the park. A trash receptacle that most little kids couldn’t even reach and a place where the users don’t hang out. At the north end of the park, the closest trash can is at the very top of the trail on Roosa Avenue, which is not located within the park. Why isn’t there a trash can where a majority of the skate park users hang out? A beautiful shaded space that was designed by the city for users to hide from the sun, have a snack and watch their buddies shred. Come on Durango, not only should there be a trash can but a recycling bin too. 

After I picked up two bags of trash, I asked the kiddos if there was a trash can there, would they use it. They all said yes and questioned why there wasn’t one.