Still sporting the 'Sporty' theme

To the editor,

Snowdown is here and everyone is picking out their costumes. For those of you who are not aware, the original theme for 2018 was “Still Sporty at 40.” Then it was changed last summer because a waitress said she did not like that theme. So it was changed to “A Black Tie Affair”. Really? Just like that?

FYI the Snowdown themes are chosen two years ahead of time from a pool of highly competitive suggestions that the public submits. This allows event organizers some time to plan their events with that chosen theme in mind. Also event sponsors may want to introduce new events that are based on the chosen theme.

In my opinion, a theme that is basically just “formal attire” is pretty lame, boring at best. Kind of like going to one of those Realtor Christmas parties they have at the Strater.

So in the true spirit of Snowdown, being parody, merriment and comic relief, I offer an alternative to the “Black Tie Affair” theme and go back to original theme, “Still Sporty at 40.” We could consider it the “official, un-official theme” of Snowdown 2018.

The Sporty at 40 theme lends itself to all sports: tennis, skiing, wrestling, bowling, football, fishing, curling, jousting, potato-sack racing, etc. And what could be better timing with the 2018 Winter Olympics?

For those of you who have already bought your formal attire you could easily alter your costume to be a figure skater; can you say Chazz Michael Micheal ?

I plan to wear my original chosen costume, Jane Fonda in her workout leotard with leggings and perfectly manicured hair. I am hoping to run into Richard Simmons so we can “high five” to Snowdown!

Happy Snowdown everyone!

– Jennifer McKigney, Durango