Stop blowing disinformation

Sally Florence, Durango - 08/06/2020
To the editor,
Now there are new fans being peddled that “blow disinfectants” into K-12 classrooms. A few weeks ago, a man and his three sons were arrested for selling thousands of products with “oral disinfectants” that put people in the hospital and killed many. Gullible people actually believed the Commander in Chief when he suggested the idea of injecting household cleaning products into our bodies to destroy COVID-19.  

In the U.S.A., we are subjected to daily tallies of our people, all age groups, hospitalized/dying of COVID-19, and we have the worst number of cases in the world with no end in sight. The man at the helm refuses to mandate common-sense measures such as masks, social distancing and have testing with immediate results for the everyday folks. When Trump gets tested in the morning he knows before lunch if he has COVID-19. Even his former chief of staff complained recently in an op-ed about having to wait eight days for results. A lot can happen in a week by spreading this virus.

Please question what we are accepting and demand to follow a tried and true blueprint from countries that are opening up without a hitch.