Stop pre-existing condition policy

To the editor,

More than 300,000 residents of the 3rd Congressional District suffer from pre-existing conditions, including 40,000 minors. Donald Trump’s Justice Department has imperiled health care for more than half of the non-elderly population in our district by refusing to defend settled law, the Trump Administration’s fundamentally immoral decision benefits only deep-pocketed health insurance companies.

I call on Rep. Scott Tipton to join me and the concerned citizens of the 3rd District undersigned below in publicly condemning this harmful, backwards policy and to demand that the White House resume defending the provisions of the ACA that protect the people of our district.

Surely, you must have a loved one or a neighbor who suffers from asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis or cancer. Subjecting your constituents to the whims of insurance providers to raise their rates or reject their coverage altogether is incompatible with the values of our district. We deserve better than this.

People’s lives hang in the balance of this decision, we urge you to condemn this policy.

– Karl Hanlon & Concerned Citizens of the 3rd Congressional District (To see the full list of names or to add your name, please go to