Stop the slaughter

Wolf dens with pups are being dynamited, horrific snares are being used to kill wolves, and aerial hunting and trapping is being used as Idaho’s governor greenlighted the killing of 90% of wolves in the state by these barbaric means.

Wolves were on the endangered species list, and Trump removed protections. But this does not justify this all-out war on wolves by U.S. Fish and Wildlife. If a species is removed from endangered status it should be carefully managed, not have a killing spree, as was the case at the turn of the century when wolves were seen as the bad predators. 

Fish and Wildlife needs to step up into current times where science has shown wolves are keystone species essential to the health of an ecosystem. Studies in Yellowstone have shown that wolves keep elk grazing in riparian vegetation in check, therefore producing lush vegetation. Elk and deer populations in states where wolves have been introduced have not gone down and are healthier due to wolves killing the sick or injured. Wolves and their prey maintain a balance.

Please donate to Friends of the Earth, Defenders of Wildlife, Environmental Action or other organizations that are tirelessly working to stop this slaughter. Contact Fish and Wildlife, the U.S. Department of the Interior or the Biden administration and ask them also to stop this slaughter of these magnificent animals.

– Margaret Mayer, Durango