Stopping the real steal

To the editor,

Republican legislators in several states are responding to 2020 election results by making it harder for the “wrong” sort of people to vote – generally meaning residents in urban counties that turn out for Democrats. Especially people of color.

Hey, if you can keep them from voting in the first place, you don’t have to try to get their votes thrown out later.

Now, according to the Colorado Sun online newspaper (, some Republicans are trying to muck with Colorado’s excellent and secure vote-by-mail system, considered a model for the rest of the nation. Republicans don’t want that!

Sen. Paul Lundeen, R-Monument, wants to require voters to request a mail ballot instead of getting one automatically as they do now. His Senate Bill 7 also would reduce the number of days for in-person voting from two weeks as is now, to election day and the six days before, even though last fall Republicans in other states pressed policies to make people vote in person.

SB 7 also would require county clerks to finish vote counting by midnight on election day. So if your vote isn’t counted by then, it gets thrown out? 

This was one of the schemes Republicans used in some battleground states last November where processing of the avalanche of mail-in votes (which take longer to count) couldn’t legally start until election day – and 4 those ballots were likely for Democrats. 

All during Donald Trump’s chaotic tenure, Congressional Repos looked the other way or actively assisted as Trump shredded the Constitution for his own benefit. Then most of them supported his effort to sabotage our election system, again for his personal benefit. Throw out 80 million votes for Biden to favor the 74 million votes for Trump. We saw the result Jan. 6. 

All these efforts to disenfranchise voters are evidence that the GOP is anti-democracy and anti-Constitution. And they’re still at it.

– Carole McWilliams, Bayfield