Take a walk in immigrants' shoes

To the editor,

Close your eyes and imagine being hundreds of miles from all you have ever known. All you have in your life are the clothes on your back, a few coins, maybe a bottle of water, and your children.

You are so desperate to save your family that you walk away from your homeland, toward a land and life promising hope, human rights and safety. You don’t speak the language when you arrive in America, so the lies told you as your children are wrenched from your arms leaves you confused and devastated.

America had become one more nightmare in your life. You are charged as a criminal in a one-minute trial before a corrupt judge that only knows the word “guilty.” You are sent to one prison and your children to another, to be held in cages and to sleep on concrete floors.

You expected to be accepted under American law as an asylum applicant seeking safety. Instead, you are in a rerun of how Nazi Germany operated.

Americans bore the shame of the criminal incarceration of Japanese Americans 70 years ago. As Americans, we swore never again, yet Trump signed a “policy” on April 27, 2018, under the approval of the Republican Party, to send asylum seekers to concentration camps and cages – without their children! Tell me again about “family values” and compassionate conservatives. Where are they?

We are all now personally involved in this human tragedy. Our taxes are paying for this Republican-supported crime. Republican policies have brought American to this immoral, heart-breaking point in our history. Get involved: call the White House and your elected representatives. They are listed in the blue pages of any phone book.

Take a stand, fight back, and remember to vote!

– Susan Troen, Durango