Take care of the town you love

To the editor,

We are all lucky to live in Durango, a beautiful home that has given us so much and continues to give us a
lot. However, our town needs help now. We need a new police station, our growing town needs more officers, and we need extensive structural work on our roads.

We’ve experienced tough times in the recent past, events, like the 416 Fire, that negatively impacted our revenue and, before that, the river that ran orange, also negatively impacting our tourism. Our leaders have worked hard to wisely utilize the decreasing monies they have for necessary maintenance. It’s now up to us to step up to the plate and help them take care of these very important needs. For the first time since 1982, we’re being asked to vote to increases our property tax and sales tax (which tourists obviously contribute to).

I don’t ever remember anything getting less expensive in my long life. The curve is always up. The “Back to Basics” initiative, 2A, will help us move forward and continue to support our wonderful town and all it gives to us.

– Salye Stein, Durango