Teacher unions lord over schools

There is an ultra progressive movement around the country to take over local school boards. The movement is fueled by anger over mask mandates as well as a belief in a crackpot conspiracy theory that public schools are somehow teaching white children to hate themselves. In some districts these progressive candidates are open about their beliefs. In districts where such extremes are not supported by the general public, these candidates are not so forthcoming.

Here in Durango, there is a slate of progressive candidates, Erika Brown, Rick Petersen and Andrea Parmenter that are backed by the Durango Education Association and the Durango Education Support Professionals Associations. These organizations are simply teacher unions. These are the same unions that will have to negotiate with board members on labor issues.

I graduated in 1959 from the top-rated school system in the nation, in California. The cost per pupil in 1960 was $394, which is $3,641 in today’s money. However, the California district now spends $13,317 per pupil and is ranked 48th in the nation. The only difference between then and now is the power of the teacher unions over local school boards.

– Dennis Pierce, Durango