Ted will connect, cooperate

Elect Ted Compton for LPEA Director. Our electric cooperative delivers essential energy to our homes, communities and workplaces. Our systems that provide food, water, health, information, communication, transportation, security and waste treatment are connected to LPEA. Ted Compton’s engineering education and career with local manufacturers providing electronic and energy distribution infrastructure throughout the world gives him a technologist’s deep understanding of creating and maintaining reliable networks.

We need LPEA directors who have a history of connection and cooperation in our diverse local community. We see Ted daily with the leading agriculturists, cyclists, philanthropists, naturalists and volunteers in La Plata County.

The gifts of electrification have brought degradation and hazards to our local and global environment. We need directors who have a balanced, long view of managing electric power generation and distribution to protect our natural heritage. Working with Ted on the board of La Plata Open Space Conservancy for nine years has shown us his dedication to environmental protection.

If you live in LPEA’s District 3, vote for Ted Compton.

– Karen and Jerry Zink, Durango