Texas – you get what you vote for

To the editor,

When climate change produces extreme weather events as predicted, like the polar vortex dipping way south this month, or California’s extreme drought and fires in the summer of 2020, we need leaders in our elected officials. Here’s what the elected Republicans of Texas had to say about another state’s woes with climate change: “California’s politicians did this, not the heat,” (Attorney General Paxton, 9/6/20). “This is what happens when the Democrats are left in charge” (Lt. Governor Patrick, 8/20/20). “California is unable to perform even basic functions … like having reliable electricity” (Sen. Cruz, 8/19/20). And Texas Gov. Greg Abbott quickly blamed renewable energy for the recent Texas power outages.

Why wouldn’t Texas political leaders listen to reason or the federal government in 2011 when the last polar vortex hit Texas and FERC recommended winterizing their grid? Is deregulation and supporting oil and gas worth the cost to Texas’ citizens? And will Texas’ Republican leaders now refuse the financial help offered by the federal government to repair its infrastructure and help its waterless citizens? Going it alone on the electrical grid didn’t seem to work too well. Not power sharing with other states and deregulation hit some pocket books to the tune of thousands of dollars for a week of electricity. So I guess “Don’t mess with Texas” is a bit of an oxymoron. Seems like Texas messed with Texas.

Vote progress, not fear of working together or of a renewable future next time, Texas.

– Tim Thomas, Durango