The coronavirus solution

To the editor,
As a self-appointed representative and spokesman for planet Earth, I’m writing today to speak out against the abuse, exploitation and threat that’s been levied against our only planet. I think I see a fairly simple and easy way to save this planet.
First of all, we need to establish what (or who) is the main threat to the health and well being of our planet and its innocent inhabitants.  
And it’s not aliens. I believe they’ve tried to warn us, and we’ve ignored them. But seriously, the answer is4
obvious, we are the threat.
The humans of this world are knowingly destroying it. Let’s face it. Our species sucks. We’re greedy, selfish, divisive and irresponsible.  
Not all of us, of course, but without a doubt most of us have these character traits in one degree or another. I would estimate as high as 30 percent of human beings are actually decent, ethical and have some integrity. I think I’m being generous here. And I don’t necessarily include myself in that group.
Consider this. We’re the only species that murders other species just for the “sport” of it. I’m not talking about culling the elk herd here. Why is having the head of a dead lion on your wall some sort of badge of honor? Unless you killed it with your bare hands defending your family, that’s sick and you’re a coward. The cruelty of the meat industry could not be understated either. But it doesn’t end there.  
What’s going on with the Amazon rain forest, referred to as “the lungs of the planet” by science folk is asinine. To support the cattle industry, farmers are burning the rain forest to make grazing land for more cattle to be slaughtered so we can fatten up on a Big Mac or a bloody rib eye. The burning adds more carbon to the atmosphere, and the trees that “recycle” the carbon dioxide and then spit out oxygen (for us to breathe) are wiped out. How stupid is that? I wish I was making this shit up!
I could list a hundred similar crimes against the planet, but unfortunately, to many of us, it would seem like spam and not make a bit of difference. We’re aware of what we’re doing and the long-term harm it will cause, and yet we continue to eff up our environment.  
Mainly because of greed and selfishness. Screw the next generations!  
Making sacrifices is difficult and inconvenient. So we don’t.
Obviously, we need to go. The coronavirus pandemic could be the solution. Much more effective and less devastating than, say, a nuclear war, which would leave fallout. Here’s how you can help! Stop washing your hands. Touch your face often and others too, when you can. Shake hands, hug. If you cough or sneeze, let those droplets fly! Go to work and attend large-scale events, even if sick. As soon as the humans are gone, the Earth can begin the slow road to recovery. But it must be 100 percent.  
The character flaws are not just the individuals but go deeper, down to our DNA. We dominated the planet because of these traits and as a result, are destroying it.
– Bill Vana, Durango