The cost of progress

In The Durango Herald on Fri., Oct. 1, Dick White did not mention the cost associated with water from the Animas River going uphill to Lake Nighthorse.

Once this water project was passed a few decades ago, I called to find out how much the cost of electricity was to send water uphill. I was told $60,000 per day. My electric bill is four times higher these days, so it’s a no-brainier it costs close to a quarter million per day to fill this lake.

There were plenty of pros and cons about sending water uphill to a manmade lake for the sake of satisfying tribal commitments. But not many Native Americans benefit from this water supply.

At least a law was passed recently that allows homeowners in Colorado to legally capture water from their roof into a 55-gallon drum when it rains. How special, that law finally came into effect at a time during years and years of drought.

You can’t fix stupid.

– Sally Florence, Durango