The COVID celebrity treatment

To the editor,

When Trumps personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, recently spoke after his COVID-19 hospital stay, he bragged about receiving “celebrity treatment.” There is no doubt in many minds that the 300,000 already dead from this dreaded virus did not receive the same pricey life-saving medicines given to Trump, Chris Christie and the list goes on of well-off others getting nothing but the best.

It is unforgivable that the well-paid decision-makers with platinum health plans in Washington, D.C., have waited almost five months to think about another stimulus for the unemployed relying on food hand-outs and other humiliating circumstances. In European and other countries people are being taken care of immediately during this crisis.

Right now in the USA, 3,000/plus-a-day are dying from COVID-19, more than cancer, heart issues, 9/11 and wars in the 20th century.

The mask-less rich can party away during the holidays and easily survive COVID-19. We, The Everyday People, must listen to and do what experts like Dr. Fauci say to survive.

– Sally Florence, Durango