The end of Camelot

To the editor,

Just read your “American Pie” Op Ed from 10/22/20. Enjoyed it very much, and if it’s accurate, I take solace that perhaps the ideal lives that good people, in spite of their differences, share much more in common.

By the way – I still have the portrait of JFK hanging in my home office. (It’s a copy of the one hanging in the ceremonial stairwell of the White House, that I purchased in 2012 at the Kennedy Library) 

In the Nov. 22, 2020, edition of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, there was not one syllable devoted to his memory on the 57th anniversary of his death. I had all I could do to not write to the absentee owners about this atrocious oversight. 

I was 21 years old and most certainly politically naïve when JFK died. However, it was a time of Camelot (especially compared to the disaster that has been the current administration). Some years after his death, there was a remembrance cartoon with a dejected early middle age man, walking on a bleak November day, the caption read: “November 22, 1963? – Oh yes, I remember now – That was the last day that I was young!”

So true – persons of a certain age at that time still remember the charming, charismatic and handsome prince, who lived in our American palace at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. 

I still have the faded copy of that cartoon somewhere in a box of memorabilia, probably with my portrait of President Reagan, also charming and charismatic, as well as a lover of jelly beans, just like me.

– Cheers, Dad