The hand of God & golden toilets

In the 2000 election, the Brooks Brother’s rioters bullied their way in Florida attempting to halt vote counting. We were brought to George W. Bush with his hand of God. He spent his first day in office signing the universal gag order that controlled more women’s bodies worldwide than Bill Clinton could imagine. That was followed by attempting to spark Armageddon with shock and awe, and calling torture “enhanced interrogation.”

Republicans have now brought us the Jan. 6th riot, the same action women’s clinics have faced daily for decades. The fundamentalists’ hand of God begins with humiliation, proceeds to intimidation and ends in violence. In state after state, Republicans use their hand of God to deny women self-governing free citizenship, and control their fertility and children. Republicans are also denying voting rights to those who may not vote for them.

The Constitution guarantees freedom of religion to all. The conservative Supreme Court gave corporations “personhood” in 2010. In 2014, it ruled a wealthy male white corporate executive held the power to coerce his religious hand of God upon the bodies and actions of his female employees. Poor women are funneled into bearing unplanned children that the Republicans program for failure. They deny children access to decent nutrition, education, housing and opportunity. Our lucrative prison industry is filled with programmed failure. Corporations thrive on cheap labor. The American Legislative Exchange Council and the Federalist Society council laws that raise humans for incarceration, at an obscene profit. The past four years have seen the golden toilet mafia and its vaudevillian burlesque golden mafioso selling control of women’s bodies. This is mafia activity. Let us aim our arrow of time toward true freedom of religion for all, and embrace equality and mutual benefit.

– Ann T. Johnson, Durango