The heroes of the 50 other fires

To the editor:

Thanks to the Sept. 26 Telegraph, I learned there were 50 fires put out by those lads in the little railroad carts over the increasingly drought-stricken weeks leading up to the 416 Fire. And it struck me that we have a bunch of unsung heroes who probably never got a communal fist pump or high five, though day after day they rolled into that tinder box and put out fire after fire.

I want to commend those railroad employees who obviously reported every fire and were apparently ordered back out until they failed. Still, 50 times in a row, no more than two at once, they came through! That seems exceptional to me, especially with their primitive tools and comparative squirt gun.

Is it possible their heroic efforts were purposely hushed up? Is it possible these workers were used, abused and discarded, if not blamed? Where are they today? I would like them to know how much I appreciate their dedication and efforts. I don’t think it would be proper to blame them at all.

– Philippe LeFevre, Durango