The Lion's Den

Our hearts cry out for the savageness,
For the innocents trapped in the wilderness. And our spirits they burn, and they tear at us! The world is a-blaze;
And the flames are so grim, and so ravenous!

The hawks and trembling canyon wrens Take flight thru a smoky delirium; Mourn for the lives of all of them,
And pray for survival in the lion’s den.

Down in the den, watching the flashover flare; Huddled down with her pride,
As the inferno draws near!
Coaxing their ma, and eager to leave,

The cubs in the kit are brave but nai?ve.
A cougar calls out to his love in the lair, Stalked by the fire, she cries back in despair!

Predators streak through the ashes and death, Passing prey on the run and wishing them best! Companions survive, the lynx and fox, and the hare; Crows rescue ravens from the wildfire’s snare!
Life has gone wild in the fight to survive,
Where the lion and lamb must now run side by side. Junipers seething, smoking and breathing;
Burnt spruce and white aspen,

and the pine sap is bleeding!
The fire will open the seeds of the pine,
But death and destruction are all left behind! Ashes are scattered, and the winds pulling fast; The canopy’s lit and there’s no turning back!

At the edge of the wild tears the rage of the fire, And a bruin bursts thru,
Barreling forth from the pyre!
The bear’s trailed close by critters in flight; Thru the smoke-dark inferno,

The lions escape to the light!

Billowing black with an ash-laden smoke,
A trainload of death caused our valleys to choke. Hotter and fiercer than a fireman’s dream,
Was the great conflagration of the cruel 416!
Then gentle rains came to our sweet forest floor. When buds blossom now, you can hear the lions roar!

We mourn the grave loss of our dear forest friends, And pray for survival deep down in the den.

– David Singer, Durango