The plastics 'bucket list'

To the editor,

Although I have not personally seen it, there’s an art installation that recently opened, called “Arcadia,” which is said to evoke our love of our natural environment while simultaneously educating the public about humans’ impact on the planet.

In the end it asks participants, “What is your vow?”

It made me think of my “vow,” so that I will increase the chances of leaving this Earth habitable for the next generation and the other living things we share it with. I know I am only a small drop in the bucket, but it’s many drops that make one bucket, including my own.

My vow is to decrease my wastefulness – especially my single use trash – which is not an easy task as you may know. Plastic, for example, is everywhere. Avoiding it completely is virtually impossible, so just decreasing it has become a big part of my monthly challenge.

Here are the things I have been chipping away at, as I progressively work to reduce my waste:

1. Plastic bags – bringing my own reusable grocery and produce bags when I shop;

2. Take out waste – bringing my own supplies for “to go” food when I am on the run, such as a travel mug, utensils and take-away containers.

3. Bringing my own reusable jugs and jars to local stores where I can make bulk purchases.

I know there are many readers who have similar “vows.” Thanks to our community efforts, we can see the way to a bucket of solutions for future generations.

– Michelle Herringer, Durango