The price of coming up to speed

To the editor,

Allison Aichele is campaigning on her experience as La Plata County Treasurer, a position that she has held since January 2015. But that experience is costing us, the tax-payers, $24,000 a year for the next two years.

Why the extra cost to the county? Because an audit two years into her tenure showed that the treasurer’s office was out of compliance with multiple state statutes, which puts it into a higher risk category and requires a more intense follow up audit for two additional years. That’s an extra $48,000 that her office is costing the county, above and beyond normal costs.

At the Long Term Finance Committee meeting on April 13, 2017, the County Finance Director was asked if it was typical that it takes someone this long to get up to speed. The answer was “I have never seen someone take so long to get up to speed.”

This is why I plan to vote for Tim Walsworth for County Treasurer. He has 10 years’ experience as the president and CEO of United Way of Southwest Colorado, and as executive director of Durango Business Improvement District for the past five years. Tim Walsworth has the skills, integrity and character to do this job and to serve our community well.

– Beth Jones, Durango