The Republican tax-cut Kool-aid

To the editor,

Don’t drink the Kool-aid that Republicans are foisting on “we the people,” disguised as their tax-cut plan for the benefit of the workers/middle-class/the struggling, who have not had a meaningful raise in 30 years.
This latest tax fraud proposal is smelling a lot like the Republican health-care plan: it is brewing in almost-secrecy in a back room of Congress. What has made daylight is beyond outrage:

• Economists are calling this tax plan “the greatest transfer of wealth in American history.”

• If you are lucky and earn $50,000 a year, you will enjoy the $8 a week tax break the Republicans are proposing.

• Trump’s taxes will be reduced $23 million a year on earnings estimated at $2 billion annually.

• J. Kushner and Ivanka will save $17 million in annual taxes.

• The wealthy donors funding the Trump regime and his Republican enablers will reap tax breaks in the millions.

• Those who will benefit the most are the 1% of the wealthiest billionaires.

When President W. Bush cut taxes for the wealthy, history shows they did not hire workers or share their profits; “trickle down” is a lie.

For many years now, at least 1/3 of major U.S. corporations pay no taxes at all! G.E. and Apple pay only about 5 percent of their share of taxes. While the stock market shoots to record levels on the Republican promise of “tax cuts” or “tax reform,” companies like G.E. buy back their stock – stiffing their investors, creating huge losses.

Republicans tout the old lie that America is the most highly taxed nation in the world. The truth is, of the world’s 39 industrialized nations, America tanks 37!

Presently, America’s wealthiest companies are holding almost $3 trillion in “off-shore” bank accounts, and our Congress helped them do it!

When this latest tax mess sees daylight and you are “shocked ... just shocked” remember to vote.

– Susan Troen, Durango