The Women's Wave rally is Jan. 19

To the editor,

Two years ago, the day after Mr. Trump’s inauguration, women and men from across the U.S. turned out in record numbers for the largest single-day protest ever, speaking with one voice against misogyny, racism and petty cruelty. Indivisible Durango staged one of the 700 worldwide marches right here. Last year, we did it again, inspiring ourselves and our community to make a real difference in 2018. Hundreds turned out. And, as you know, La Plata County had a 62 percent turnout for the November election – an unheard of participation rate! As a result, we helped elect men and women who share our concerns for the environment and for our children, for affordable health care and meaningful investments in our country, and for competency in government.

If you are one of the people who smiled, or even teared up, to see so many new women join Congress just a few days ago, to hear so many people of different colors and religions and ethnicities recite their Constitutional oaths, then you will want to join us Sat., Jan. 19, to celebrate “Women’s Wave – Building Power” march. Join us, and your sisters and brothers across the country, as we gather inspiration and determination to support and care for each other, our children and our planet. The march starts at 10:30 a.m. at the train station and goes to Buckley Park, where there will be a rally with music, signs, energy and inspirational speakers. See you there!

– Anne Markward, Indivisible Durango