Think of the 'grandpas, grandmas' 

To the editor,

This morning, like I do several mornings a week, I dropped my 2-year-old off at her day care next to Four Corners Health Care Center. Most of the blinds were shuttered, and I could hardly imagine the fear and loneliness unfolding behind them as a massive COVID-19 outbreak spreads through the nursing home. As of Dec. 14, nearly all 110 residents had tested positive, as well as many staff, and 18 people had died, according to the Durango Herald.

In non-COVID times, the toddlers at The Growing Place regularly visited the “grandmas and grandpas” next door. Now, when I drop my daughter off or pick her up, I often see people standing at the windows of the nursing home, bundled up against the cold, trying to communicate through the glass to their loved ones inside. It’s utterly heartbreaking to think of what these families are going through, especially during the holiday season.

I’ve been wanting to do something to let the residents, family members and staff know many of us in the community are thinking of them. Sending a gift to everyone inside is unrealistic; and a donation, while helpful, wouldn’t necessarily be noticed by the people most impacted. I’m not sure this letter will be noticed either, but it felt like a small way to let everyone know that they’re in our thoughts. So, if you or a loved one are affected by the outbreak at Four Corners Health Care Center – or Hilltop House, or any of the numerous other facilities near and far that are suffering from COVID-19 – please know that you’re not alone. Many of us are thinking of you, praying for you, and staying home to help ensure that this devastating situation isn’t experienced by even more families. Sending love, warmth and light to you, and to all the health-care professionals working around the clock to care for our community.

– Krista Langlois, Durango