'Thoughts, prayers' don't save lives

To the editor,

The Red Flag Law should be in every state. This recent mass shooting in Odessa, Texas, would not have happened if law enforcement had been able to take guns away from this redneck shooter when he was firing at animals from the roof of his home, as reported by his nextdoor neighbor.

Uh, officer, is this the guy you played football and drank Lone Star beer with?

To see a picture of a 17-month-old child nearly dead from a military style weapon that also killed seven others over Labor Day sends chills once again – all because this guy lost his job and could care less if he lost his life by caring out just another senseless mass shooting.

From Columbine/Sandy Hook kids to this, when will common sense measures get implemented??!?!! Question marks and exclamation marks should be tattooed on the foreheads on ALL the folks that only have “thoughts and prayers!”

– Sally Florence, Durango