Three cheers for library support

To the editor,

We would like to sincerely thank the communities of Southwest La Plata County for passing Ballot Issue 6D, to form and fund the Southwest La Plata Library
District. This has been a great example of civic involvement. The campaign to pass this Library District was driven by a group of citizens with widespread support from the families living in the District.

When people agree that a service benefits the whole community, we can unite to shape our world to make it better for everyone. The overwhelming feedback we have had from the community is that libraries are an invaluable asset that raise us up in a positive way. Three cheers for the Sunnyside and Fort Lewis Mesa communities for showing up to the polls and actively participating in this important expression of citizenship!

–Southwest La Plata Library District Issue Committee: Rebecca Benally, Nona Dale, Barbara Harris, Roy Horvath, Janet Kuss, Cynthia Loebig, Peter Miesler, Nycole Eoff, Alana Ostrander and Marilyn Zion