Tim fights for affordable rates

Thanks to LPEA board and staff for pushing Tri-State to get us a rate reduction, and passing it on to all of us members in the bill credit as was just announced. During these tough and uncertain times, the bill credit is very important to many. Current incumbent board member Tim Wheeler is making good on his promise when he first ran three years ago to bring us more affordable rates.

Tim Wheeler is running for re-election in District 4 and I am asking the voters in District 4 to put him back on the board for another three years. He has been very effective, shows strong leadership and we need board members like him so we can continue to get more affordable rates.  He has also been a leader on the board in challenging Tri-State on behalf of LPEA’s members to give us much cleaner renewable power.

If you are an LPEA voter in District 4, please vote for Tim Wheeler. He keeps his promises and puts LPEA members first.

–Kent Ford, Durango