Time for Trump to pay the piper

To the editor,

Had enough yet? The stench surrounding us is emanating from the rotten remains of what once was the Republican Party. While Republican congressional members have picked our pockets to the tune of $250,000 annual salary, plus all the well-funded benes of office, they have done little to repay working taxpayers. Instead of being responsible representatives of the people, they have enabled the criminal in our “dump” (his words) of the White House. Every outrageous, disgusting, law-breaking act by Trump has been ignored by these cowards in office! They have done nothing to stop his lawlessness and next to nothing to earn their pay.

Over 100 bills have been passed in the last eight months by the Democratic House of Representatives – all of them stopped from a vote in the Republican Senate by “Moscow” Mitch!

Our democracy is being corrupted from within – all for money and power for a handful of morally bankrupt people. To stop what is happening will not come from those elected with a (R) after their names. It must come from us – the people – the majority of us who care about America.

Someone famous once said, “A man’s character will be his fate.” It is time for Trump to meet his fate. The Republicans running for re-election in Washington will meet their fates in the next election.

– Susan Troen, Durango