Tipton blinded to CORE values

To the Editor:

I am a newer resident to Colorado, attracted by the natural beauty and wildlife of the area. I also am a firm believer in holding our legislators accountable for their voting record.

On Oct. 31, Rep. Scott Tipton, R-Colo., voted NO to the Colorado Outdoor Recreation Economy Act (CORE), a bill that aims to protect some 400,000 acres of public land from resource exploration. A bill that would protect our ability to hunt, hike, camp and ski.

I understand Rep. Tipton has deep Tea Party roots and heavily favors government DEregulation. I also understand a “deregulation” political ideology favors the extraction industries, giving them more free rein to profit from gas and oil leases on public land. I also understand that Tipton receives financial support for re-election from that industry. (ex: SG Interests, a Texas-based energy company and its lobbying firm). Tipton’s focus on deregulation has blinded him to his responsibility of public protection.

The CORE Act represented a decade-long effort from ranchers, environmentalists and sportsmen to stop new energy development in prime wildlife habitat and headwaters for many river systems. Tipton does not represent my values of clean air, water and land.

– Suzanne Motsinger, Dolores