Tipton should face climate change

To the editor,

With Earth Day April 22, this would be the perfect time for Rep. Scott Tipton to join the Climate Solutions Caucus and enact effective, bipartisan solutions to climate change. The original Earth Day touched off the environmental movement leading to the passage of the Clean Air and Clean Water acts, and to the establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency. This Earth Day, members of Congress should be similarly inspired to take steps to address the greatest environmental threat our nation and world has ever faced: climate change.

Tipton represents a district facing significant risks from climate change, as our area’s thriving multi-billion dollar outdoor recreation and agriculture industries are threatened. From hotter summers to more intense droughts to earlier spring snowmelt and extreme weather patterns, not only is the lifestyle we love at risk, but our communities who depend on tourism and agriculture are threatened.

– Jan Dahlquist, Durango