Tipton's anti-environment stance

To the editor,

Rep. Scott Tipton voted no on the recent Colorado Outdoor Recreation and Economy Act – about the designation of certain wilderness areas, recreation management areas and conservation areas in the state of Colorado. Tipton is failing to lead on public land and wilderness protection, even though outdoor recreation is a huge economic boon to our state’s economy.

His recent vote joins a long list of past anti-environment stances. According to Wikipedia, “He rejects the scientific consensus on climate change. He argues that climate change is driven by natural climate cycles. He opposes the Paris Agreement, the international agreement which mitigates greenhouse gas emissions. He opposes federal regulation of greenhouse gas emissions. He voted in favor of legislation that would make it easier to sell federal public lands. In 2010, while serving in the State Legislature, Tipton voted against legislation to compel Xcel Energy to convert three coal powered plants to natural gas power plants. He also voted against legislation to require electric utilities to use more renewable energy.”

Tipton’s pro-pollution agenda is locking our nation’s greenhouse gas emissions into an upward trajectory, increasing the likelihood of future wildfire devastation, drought-damaged crops and compromised winter tourism. Colorado’s economy is at risk.

– Jo Ann Kopke, Bayfield