Tipton's voting record lacks values

To the editor,

What values does Rep. Scott Tipton base his congressional voting?

Since the beginning of the 2019 U.S. Congress he has voted:

1. Against enhanced background checks for gun purchases. Does he not value protecting human life?

2. Against election reforms that allow early voting in all states and the elimination of political gerrymandering. Does he not value equal voting rights for every citizen?

3. Against humane treatment for immigrants and 

against an increase of the Homeland Security Agency’s ability to control the borders. Does he not value treating all people with respect, dignity and keeping families together?

4. Against allowing transgender military members to continue to serve our country. Does he not value the service our military personnel give to our nation no matter their gender?

5. Against the Violence Against Women Act. Does he not value the lives of victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault?

Rep. Tipton’s votes do not seem to be based on the common values of most Americans who value a strong democracy, a diverse military and a society free from violence of all types. We call on Rep. Tipton to publicly explain his votes on these issues.

– Richard & Rollie Butler, Jane Dunn, Lynne Sholler, Kathie Adkins, Indivisible Durango Civil Rights Committee