To keep long-term rights, act now

To the editor,

The nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court raises many troubling questions, but for me this question is critical: 40 years from now, will the American people have fewer rights and opportunities than we do now?

Judge Kavanaugh has consistently decided against working people’s rights, consumers’ rights, voting rights, women’s rights, the right to privacy, and science-based protections for our environment and public health. He has been outright hostile to the Affordable Care Act and the more overarching idea that all Americans need access to quality, affordable health care. He has turned a blind eye to elderly Americans and their retirement security. He consistently favors large, multinational corporations and Wall Street over Main Street and the majority of Americans. His decisions have aimed to overturn fundamental legal protections and advances gained throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, striking at the heart of our American Dream.

Many have referred to Kavanaugh as “an originalist,” a jurist committed to interpreting our Constitution “as it is written.” Since 1787, we the people have worked to expand human rights, civil rights and equal protection under the law for ALL, not just a privileged few. Kavanaugh’s jurisprudence aims to roll back these advances while – ironically – also lending legal weight to something that emphatically was NOT in our 1787 Constitution: corporate personhood.

His decisions suggest that he does not realize or does not care that the economic opportunity ladder in our country is now missing critical rungs for the middle class due in part to recent court cases that unabashedly favor large corporations over employees and consumers.

Members of the U.S. House have no direct authority on the confirmation of Supreme Court nominees, but our representatives do have the responsibility to protect our rights through Legislation. House members have the duty to check and balance the powers of the Executive and Judicial branches, but Scott Tipton has proven that he is unwilling to protect what voters in the 3rd Congressional District value. Now – more than ever – we need a congresswoman who can effectively legislate and protect the interests of all the people.

If you are as committed as I am to ensuring that in 40 years we all have fundamental legal protections and real economic opportunities, please consider funneling your concern into action. Our campaign needs as many volunteers as we can get.

– Diane Mitsch Bush, Democratic nominee for Congress