Trump hypocrisy business as usual

To the editor,

As this is written, the new Congress is questioning illegal employees that were just fired from Trump properties. One guy that worked for 14 years as an illegal Trump employee said on a newscast interview that during one of his shifts, Donald Trump gave him a $200 tip and told him to take his wife out to dinner. How nice to get one present but no severance pay or real appreciation once the cat is outta the bag, right?

This kind of Trump treatment is not an isolated case. Many years ago, I watched a congressional hearing on C-Span, where a white attorney was representing several women living in Mexico with armed guards while they worked 12-hour shifts at $10 a day ($10 is what Mexican workers still to this day make as minimum wage) and the garments had a famous American rapper getting $600 for each linen shirt. I followed up to see if anything changed for the underpaid women in Mexico and guess what? Nada.

I can only imagine that Trump will be treated a lot differently than the Hollywood set this time around. Hypocrisy is as alive as ever when the rich think they can get away with it.

Just another Trump-a-bumpa-rag-for 1-percenters in the good ole USA.

– Sally Florence, Durango