Trump is saving us from fascists

To the editor,

Mr. Bill Vana (Sept. 20) just described the democrap party. I’ve never in my life heard such utter nonsense in from a progressive. He cites President Trump has lied 4,229 times but did not cite one single provable time. You’ve drunk the progressive kool-aid, Mr. Vana, falling for the old “Make America White Again” dis-information.

The President is not perfect, just like everyone of those politicians who claims and acts as if they were. I certainly do not agree with everything he does and says. However, I would rather he president than criminal Hillary any day of the year. And speaking of craven politicians who are in love with the power, lets mention corrupt folks like Diane Frankenstein, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and last but certainly not least the most corrupted person helping to run the Democratic plantation, Hillary.

All the politicians are corrupt and their only interest is to save the swamp the President is trying to drain in order to save the future of this country that has fallen into evil, despicable, fascist and racist lifelong politicians. Yes, the Democratic progressive left (alt-left) are the true racist fascists. Don’t believe me, then go do your homework before and you will see how they live by the rules for radicals. I’d start with reading The Big Lie and follow up with Death of a Nation.

Take for example the attack on Judge Kavannaugh. It is plainly obvious that everything they are doing is only because they do not want a man of his high regard sitting on the court, threatening the prevention of the alt-left’s agenda of controlling speech, taking our right to bear arms, and all the other rights that will follow once we lose the first two.

It is simply amazing that the anti-Trump crowd cannot recognize where this country is going because of things he has done so far to improve this terrific country. Instead, they just want to continue to build up the Democrat plantation, you know, the one where will be a slave under, and continue with the downfall of our great country.

I don’t even know why I am responding to Mr. Vana and all the other alternate reality-living liberal  progressives because I told myself a long time ago common sense and reality cannot be driven into their kind. Liberalism is a mental disorder. Please help find a cure by educating yourself on the facts and not the spin news of the likes of CNN, MSNBC, Fox, NPR, and all the other mainstream news. Seek out the truth for yourself instead of being brainwashed. The anti-Trump folks need to accept the validity of our duly elected President and live with it instead of trying to destroy this nation. Everything the alt-left is doing is considered sedition. If you don’t like the colors of our flag, then go find another flag to live under.

– Roger Stonefeld, Durango