Trump's great American lies

To the editor,

We are now in a government shutdown, and Trump said, “Good, I’m having my New Year’s party in Florida, and you taxpayers are paying for my tents at a cost of $54,000. Thanks so much. But what a party it will be.”

I would like to mention that the POTUS has stated he is proud to be American and wants to make America great again ... whatever that means. America has always been great. Just ask our migrants who have come to our shores.

Trump in his mind has made America great again by doing the following:

• Hanging around criminals starting with his lawyer, Cohen; Flynn; Manafort and others. Chumming up to dictators and leaders from Russia, Turkey, Syria, China, North Korea, Phillipines while insulting NATO and putting strains on Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, France and all in NATO;

• Using his foundation to pay for his own oil painting to hang in his own property from moneys given to him by GOP supporters. Are you one? The state of New York is checking on this as a crime run by his daughter and family with no board meetings for 19 years.

• Trump has lied to the American people over 5,000 times and just lately to the military on their pay raise stating they received only one in the last 10 years. A big, big lie. He has proven he knows more than the generals – five have left in two years.

• The emolument clause means nothing to him. All staff stay at Mar-a-Lago. You pay for their rooms, the money goes in his pocket.

• Trump said Mexcio is going to pay for the wall.

America is great, that’s why you don’t leave. I hope you have a great 2019, but read the paper and not fake news.

– Bob Battani, Durango