Trying to fit a 10-ton truck in a 5-ton space

We visited Durango recently as we always do when we go on our annual fishing trip to the San Juan River.

We got a ticket for “Not wholly in space.” If the purpose for this is for people who block two spaces, no quarrel with this. I fully approve; the fine should be bigger.

This is a crew cab, long-bed work truck with a heavy-duty hitch out the back. It is a big vehicle not particularly well suited to delicate maneuvering in congested areas. We do not use the 45-degree nose-in parking, it extends way out in the street. I have had plenty of practice parking this thing; I usually search for my preferred parking place, a curb parallel, end of block, no parking here to corner at the far end of the congested area (it frequently takes some searching to find such a place). The nose was at the meter (we inserted our money) and within the lines. The back of the truck extended out slightly beyond the lines (no parking here to corner.) It did not (by intent) impinge upon any other parking space. I have never before, ever, gotten a ticket for this. I am fully aware that this is an extremely unwieldly vehicle in congested areas and do my best to be a considerate citizen and keep it out of crowded areas. I thought I had done a pretty good job of keeping it well out of the way.

If you consider this an offense, please send me how to make a court date.

– James Godwin, Wichita Falls, Texas

CC: Mayor Kim Baxter, Durango Chief of Police Brammer and Gov. Polis