Turn the tide on NRA bully tactics

To the editor,

Last June, a large gathering of Republican Congressmen practiced on a baseball field, with intentions to later play nine innings against Democratic Congressmen. A madman with firearms, another domestic terrorist, wanted to take out everyone on the baseball field. No one was murdered, but if by chance all of them were slaughtered, do you think the replacement Republican Congressmen would have created a real gun policy? Obviously, past massacres have not made a dent in realistic policy changes. The latest and biggest horror in Las Vegas is ignored by the take-care-of-it-later-politicians bought-out by the National Rifle Association.

The NRA infamously has stated, “Anyone who crosses our organization will be taken out.” Seems like all kinds of intimidations, that lethally threaten you and me, are more common now than what was totally unacceptable just a few years ago.

We should not be sheep directed slowly and insidiously over a cliff. Time for us to turn the tide.

– Sally Florence, Durango