Unger will protect our health

To the editor,

Clean air, pure water and healthy soil to grow our food. These are the essential elements of life on Earth that  we literally cannot live without. While our short-term financial and material interests may lead us to short-term thinking of what is most important, you cannot live a healthy life without these essential elements and neither can your children and grandchildren.

We have a remarkable, highly qualified candidate for state senate in Guinn Unger. His advocacy for renewables as a director at La Plata Electric Association is clear evidence of his willingness and ability to think long term about solutions that will protect the environment in which we live. I have personally worked with Guinn to study and promote ideas to change our current healthcare system, which is another critical element for creating and sustaining health for all, not just for those who can afford exorbitant health insurance premiums and escalating drug costs.

We are way past due on implementing a Medicare for All type of system as most developed countries have already successfully accomplished. We need Guinn in the Senate to help pass bills that will protect our environment and promote health for all over profit. Please give Guinn your vote this November.

– Lauren Patterson, Durango