Vote Diane for people, not profits

To the editor,

We are fortunate in Colorado that our government makes it easy to vote – by mail or drop-off box. Please exercise your right as a responsible citizen. The upcoming election is critical! Aren’t you sick of having a dysfunctional, polarized congress and a so-called “representative” who listens to his big corporate donors instead of you and your fellow constituents? Who voted to increase the federal debt by $1.9 trillion to give tax breaks to the wealthy? Who sponsored and passed a bill to clear-cut 30,000-acre swaths of our forest in the name of “fire prevention?” Who repeatedly voted to make health insurance less available to you and your family? Who voted to drill the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (is he representing Alaskans or Coloradoans)?

It’s time that CD3 replace Scott Tipton with a real representative. One who has pledged to not take any corporate PAC money. Who has a proven record of working “across the aisle” to enact practical, scientifically sound legislation. Who listens to and works for the people, not corporations. If you care about our environment, our health and our runaway federal debt, don’t sit out this election. Your vote is important! Vote for Diane Mitsch-Bush to represent CD3.

– Eilene Lyon, Durango