Vote for common sense

I support incumbents Erika Brown and Andrea Parmenter, as well as newcomer Rick Petersen, for the 9-R School Board. The incumbents have dedicated thousands of hours in classrooms, committees and the Board. Peterson has a 20-year management career, tackling difficult subjects with diverse groups. He serves youth as a Boy Scout leader. He is running to continue level-headed leadership with his experience, moral compass and respect for elected public officials. The candidates have students in 9-R schools and have been endorsed by Durango teachers and support staff associations.

A misunderstanding is afoot that the Board sets curriculum and participates in teacher evaluation and day-to-day management. This is out of the realm of the Board. The Board’s role is policy making, giving the superintendent authority to choose the best resources, teachers and curriculum. Brown and Parmenter were instrumental in hiring Superintendent Dr. Karen Cheser, a proven outstanding district leader. The Board’s role is to hold Cheser responsible for best practices, learning environments, selection and management of academic programs. 

During this time of upheaval, learning is heavily impacted. Science and public health practices are being ridiculed and ignored by some. More than ever, we need experienced leaders who understand their role and work side by side with the professional educators without interference. The trickle down of best practices, experience and common sense lands with the students, our children, our most precious citizens of the future.

– Kathleen Adams, Durango